We help you succeed

First Analytics helps companies make more fact-based decisions that get better results. By mining and analyzing relevant data, you can create and use intelligence that allows you to identify opportunities, anticipate threats, improve efficiencies, manage risk, and develop winning strategies.

No business can afford to rely on past experience and instincts, no matter how good, while its competitors are making decisions based on empirical data and predictive models. With First Analytics, your company can build sophisticated analytic capabilities that will put you at the forefront of your industry and give you the competitive edge.


We help you Compete on Analytics

We specialize in the application of advanced analytics to business problems, using methods that go beyond basic reporting querying, and alerts.

We're experts in the practical application of statistical analysis, forecasting, predictive modeling, and optimization methods. Our clients range in size from $600 million to over $30 billion in revenue per year.

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Strategy through Implementation

  • Develop strategies for Competing on Analytics
  • Create and implement analytics solutions
  • Support implementation of analytics software applications
  • Provide virtual analytics teams

Case Studies

Leveraging ERP and EDW Investments

The business analytics team of a large multinational consumer products company wanted to better leverage the company’s massive investment in ERP and Enterprise Data Warehouse technology. After assessing the analytic capabilities of each major business function, we developed a roadmap that identified business areas to target, plus the tools and skillsets they needed to gain competitive advantages. We are currently providing them with a “virtual advanced analytics team” to exploit targeted opportunities.